Meet the Team: Emma Baker

I’m excited to be joining BabelQuest’s Client Delivery team as an Inbound Marketer!

I have a background in B2B and B2C comms, as well as the third sector. Working and consulting in customer services sparked my initial enthusiasm in PR, and in turn Marketing. I’ve been working as a Marketer for the past four years, representing brands in retail, interiors and EdTech - and I’m relishing this next challenge.

What’s the role?

Maintaining collaborative relationships with clients and our strategists to execute their vision and achieve their objectives. I will be implementing key marketing activities to ensure measurable outcomes that echo core business values.

What am I looking forward to?

Having spent the past three years in-house, I am looking forward to working with clients again, building strong relationships and the variety that comes with that. Working as an Inbound Marketer allows me to focus solely on digital and delve deeper into the analytical side of the Marketing spectrum.

Outside of work, I like...

Plant based baking (living up to the surname) - a recent highlight was mastering vegan fudge. Very much a brunch enthusiast, and a loyal podcast listener: The Diary of a CEO and Happy Place are firm favourites. I’ve always got an Audiobook on the go.

We're hiring! If anything I’ve chatted about here strikes a chord, we'd love to hear from you. Check out our careers page and see if any of our vacancies catch your eye.

We are hiring!

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