Meet the Team: Kaleb Skrzypkowski

Hi, I’m Kaleb Skrzypkowski, the newest Inbound Marketing Strategist at BabelQuest! 

My biggest passion is to transform businesses through thoughtful and solid marketing strategies. 

I‘ve been doing it for the last 4 years, starting as a Digital Marketing Manager at an agency before moving on to work as a freelancer so I could develop my skills and knowledge in building marketing strategies for a wider range of businesses. Throughout this period, I discovered the incredible value of a properly prepared marketing strategy and its execution. In my work, I’m most satisfied with how on the back of the strategy building process, organisations can finally feel empowered and ready to achieve their goals and full potential.

What’s the role?

As an Inbound Marketing Strategist, I’ll be focusing solving client challenges through Strategy Phase workshops and the creation of inbound marketing strategies.

What am I looking forward to?

To impact many businesses in a positive way! 

Outside of work, I like...

Hang out with friends, watch movies, work out and learn more about business and marketing!

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Kaleb Skrzypkowski
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Inbound Strategist at BabelQuest