Say Hello to: Amy Brierley

Hi, I’m Amy and I’ve been a HubSpot enthusiast since I became a customer in 2018. It all started when I implemented the platform, which facilitated the organisation I worked for at that time to grow, scale, and adapt. Since then, I’ve received a Champion User award, my previous company was in the top percentile of customers of many functionalities, I spoke at HubSpot’s GROW 2022 event, and I was a member of HubSpot’s Customer Advisory Board last year. I’m constantly impressed by the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Prior to BabelQuest, I worked in senior marketing and data roles in the B2B events and publishing industries. I have led the planning, development and implementation of platforms, systems and complex projects across multiple regions, balancing business and customer requirements, stakeholder buy-in and employee adoption, budgets and revenue targets. During my career I have developed, executed and analysed marketing strategies across a broad spectrum of industries and managed the development of thought-leading and online communities and content. During my most recent experience as a Chief Data Officer I developed and executed data-driven strategies which delivered significant business value. I’m looking forward to applying my experience to BabelQuest’s customers!


What’s the role?

As a Strategic Account Manager I am responsible for cultivating and maintaining long-term, trusted relationships with clients via a deep understanding of their business and people. I work to achieve set account objectives and suggest solutions and innovative ideas that quickly and effectively meet a client's needs, and handle complaints and problems. I also ensure client satisfaction and identify new opportunities to create increased results. I liaise between key customers and internal teams and identify and approach new potential strategic customers. 


What am I looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to building on my knowledge of the platform and how it can be applied in real life most effectively. I also love working with people, and since BabelQuest is a top-tier partner, I’ll be lucky enough to work with a talented team, a wide variety of clients in different industries, and also with HubSpot Customer Success Managers, Channel Account Managers, Product Managers and Channel Consultants.


Outside of work, I like...

My life outside of work is full; I am based in the Cotswolds with a young family (two boys, husband and two dogs!), and I’m also involved in a couple of family businesses; pet food and wine & olive oil (probably not two things included in the same sentence very often!). We like to keep active, enjoy sports, and spending time outside.

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