Say Hello to: April Boulton

Hi, my name is April and I’m excited to be joining BabelQuest as an Inbound Strategist.

I've been in marketing for over 20 years. I've worked for start-ups to large FTSE 100 companies in software, tech and SaaS from fintech to construction. I have a passion for marketing, especially digital - I love to get websites working how they should be. I like to figure out the goals, write the strategy, plan the tactics to achieve them, implement them and tweak them until we see results. 


What’s the role?

As a Strategist, I’m able to work with the clients to build and improve their campaigns that will help them see the results they need to grow. 


What am I looking forward to?

I love working with the team at BabelQuest, they are very hardworking, passionate and creative. I also enjoy getting to know the clients and helping them improve their marketing with Hubspot. (I also love Hubspot).


Outside of work, I like...

In my spare time, I enjoy seeing live music, interior design, and getting outdoors and away from the city, but mainly running around after my 3-year-old. 

April Boulton
About the Author
Hi, my name is April and I’m an Inbound Strategist.