Say Hello to: Laura White

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m excited to have joined BabelQuest as the Account Manager

My goal is to ensure that client projects and objectives are on track. It’s my job to consistently communicate with customers to help guide them through their progress, outcomes and next steps to make sure they have a great experience working with BabelQuest.. 

My career and prior work experience was in the Fashion industry working in fast-paced roles across different departments. Most recently I worked as a Merchandiser for a luxury fashion and accessories company and held responsibility for product being in place at the right time with the right people. 


What’s the role?

Being in an account manager position is varied and relationship orientated and that is what makes it so exciting. I provide the project management for deliverables and act as the point of contact between clients and the marketers. Currently we work with a wide range of companies and I assist in the development of their accounts with us, working and tracking the progress with our agency team. I strive to always keep our customers happy as a priority. 


What am I looking forward to?

I am looking forward to being immersed in the world of HubSpot and having the chance to really grow my knowledge of this fantastic CRM platform. The insight and experience of the whole team at BabelQuest is exceptional and I am excited to be learning from my colleagues and further developing my skills as well as acquiring new ones. 


Outside of work, I like…

I have interests in all things creative and I’m always keeping up with the latest trends in Interior, Fashion, Instagram and lifestyle. I am an active traveller and have explored many different parts of the world both with friends and solo. 

Outside of work you would probably find me socialising, visiting a new restaurant, walking around an art/fashion gallery or desperately trying (and failing) to finish a book I started reading.

We are hiring!

If anything I’ve chatted about here strikes a chord, we'd love to hear from you.


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