Sales Enablement AI Refract Is Here to Help Your Reps Close More Deals

Discover how Refract's sales enablement AI  and coaching can help your team to close more deals.

There are plenty of reasons why call coaching is so powerful.

Chief among them, it is sales enablement that focuses on the individual and what they need to do to improve. That's powerful because it gives individual reps power over their own development, but also because it helps managers understand exactly what's going on.

  • Why do your top performers make less calls but book more meetings?
  • Why do your low performing rep keeps burning leads?
  • Why do some deals burn hours of sales time but never close?

Listening to and analysing your team's sales conversations gives you unrivalled insight into these questions and more. The frustration for most managers is that there just isn't enough time to listen to every call and coach every rep...

This is where Refract comes in.

Refract analyses every call using sales enablement AI, profiling the revenue defining moments and revealing what leads to successful outcomes for your team.

Here are six features of Refract that mean you can start dramatically improving your team's sales calls today:

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6 ways to close more deals using Refract's sales enablement AI

1. Conversation insight

Want to quickly see what’s going on during a call? How many questions are being asked? Is the prospect engaged? Conversation insight lets you see the ebb and flow of a sales call at a glance and provides powerful insights into what could be improved. 

Imagine knowing at a glance that the rep who keeps burning leads is spending every call pitching? No more guesswork and more time to start fixing the problem.


2. Tag templates 

Are your team saying the right thing? Asking the right questions? Following a call structure? talking about what you do in the right way?

Are they burning leads with negative words and phrases? Creating a tag template in Refract lets you quickly review a call and listen to the key words and phrases — and the prospect's reactions to them.


3. Call Insights

Are your team asking enough questions? Are your prospects asking any questions? Do your reps wait for the first opportunity to jump into pitch mode? What do your top performers do differently?

Where Conversation Insights gives you the granular detail on a specific call, Call Insights allows you to quickly see what is going on across a group of calls  — and more importantly see comparisons that show month-on-month improvement across the team or by individual rep. 


4. The Voice of the Customer 

Anecdotal data from sales conversations is great — but usually by the time you hear it, it’s gone through several iterations and is not that reliable. Being able to search for prospects' reactions to specific questions, or what questions they are actually asking, gives you a treasure trove of information that will drive your sales and marketing content.


5. Scenario Challenges 

Does your team speak consistently about what you do? Do they practise objection handling, or asking for the meeting, or closing?

Scenario challenges are bite-sized, video-based challenges that give you the opportunity to review, grade, and coach how your team approaches a difficult question or knotty objection. Great as a training resource for new reps and sharing best practise among the team.


6. Grading sheets

It’s hard to measure improvement if you don’t know what areas a rep needs to improve on. Refract allows you to create grading structures for specific call types that allow you to score your team based on specific criteria for each call type.

Standardised grading means measurable improvement and identification of individual training requirements.  

It's sales coaching time! 

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