8 Service Hub Use Cases for First-Time Users

Whether you’re a small start-up or at the enterprise level, customer service matters. Discover eight use-cases for HubSpot’s new and improved Service Hub.

Service Hub’s had a glow-up! As exciting as all its new features are, it’s also telling that HubSpot has decided to launch these upgrades now.

The last few years have put a real emphasis on the importance of customer service. We can’t stress it enough: in today’s world, customer service can make or break your business

The commercial benefits of happy customers who reinvest and buy again and refer you to their network are day and night compared to the unhappy ones who cancel their contracts, don’t buy again and actively dissuade others from choosing you — not to speak of how much more cost-effective it is to retain your existing customers vs finding new ones. 

So why use Service Hub? In a nutshell, because it gives you all the functionality you need to make your customers happy and your business grow. In this article, we take a closer look at what those tools are and how you can use them to keep your customers smiling and buying. 

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8 Service Hub use cases

1. Use live chat and mobile help desk to quickly respond to customer inquiries in real-time and on flexible schedules

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your customer service is to make sure you’re there when your customers need you. This is especially true if their need is pressing and they want an answer now.

Service Hub’s live chat and mobile help desks are perfect channels for these kinds of interactions, promising the convenience and immediacy that customers crave.

2. Create ticket pipelines to best service your customers’ unique needs

There isn’t always a one-size fits all process for dealing with customer enquiries. Different product lines, business units or enquiry types might require different processes, different teams and different responses.

On top of its default Support pipeline, Service Hub allows you to create custom Service pipelines so you can add different stages and automation tailored to each support scenario.

For example, at BabelQuest, we have created a custom pipeline for internal HubSpot portal requests. As any support requests via this channel are specifically for queries or change requests to our own HubSpot portal, we’ve added custom stages such as "Internal stakeholder review" with its own automation to alert the right internal stakeholder about the request.

3. Drive faster resolutions with rep productivity and time-to-close reports

A customer service interaction should never drag on.

First-time resolution and time-to-close are well-established customer service metrics; transform yours using Service Hub to increase efficiency, get the most out of your team, and deliver a more productive service for your customers.

4. Stay organised with a shared inbox, your mission control for all communications with customers

As customers, we all know how frustrating it is having to re-explain why we’re calling and what we need help with every time we’re passed on to someone new.

Service Hub’s shared inbox eliminates this eventuality for your customers, as anyone can dive in and pick up where the last agent left off, facilitating seamless handovers every time.

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5. Seamlessly take care of your customers beyond initial outreach with automated task queues outlining to-dos and next steps

On the subject of seamless handovers, it’s important that if a customer is expecting a follow-up or similar service interaction from you, your team follows through on that promise.

This isn’t always possible at scale, especially at busy times. Service Hub’s automated task queues takes that responsibility away by automatically scheduling follow-ups with the right person on the team with little to no manual involvement required.

6. Create unique snippets to help your team quickly address customers in their own unique voice

When service requests peak and the team is flat out, it can make all the difference — to your customers and your agents — having templated responses that they can use when appropriate to quickly and efficiently help customers to solve their problems.

Service Hub’s unique snippets set you up for this, giving the team all the tools they need to help more people in less time while maintaining consistent tones of voice and messaging.

7. Provide the ability to transact how, when, and where your customer wants across all touch points

Choice is everything, particularly when talking about channel availability. Customers today want the ability to contact you at their convenience — in other words, when they want to, whatever device they're using, through the channel of their choice. 

Sales Hub provides these capabilities, showing the customer that you want them to be able to contact you on their terms and that whatever their preferred touchpoints, you’re here.

8. Receive and log calls with inbound calling, powered and anchored by your CRM

We’ve already alluded to the importance of a connected service system that integrates with the CRM to capture all your customer data in — and share it from – one place.

Your single source of truth for the customer should absolutely include records of their service interactions and the challenges they’ve had with your service or products, including those you have received via voice channels/over calls.

Sales Hub integrates naturally with HubSpot CRM and the wider HubSpot ecosystem so your single source of truth is exactly that, from which all your business operations can leverage customer data accurately and operate more effectively.

Start making a business case for Service Hub today

These are just a few of the revised use cases for the new and improved Sales Hub. As you can imagine, its ease of use, its connectedness and the authenticity that it lends to your customer service interactions have business applications above and beyond those discussed here. What business challenges could Service Hub help you to solve?

If you’re new to HubSpot or you’ve never implemented Service Hub before, you might be interested in a little helping hand to unlock its full potential and get it working in the best possible way for your business. As an Elite HubSpot solutions partner, we’re here to help. 

Access our team’s expertise, benefit from a few extra bums on seats, or leave us to take care of everything from purchase to setup while you focus on other things — whatever your immediate requirements, we’ll work with you to set up the platform around your business needs, so you’re always there to help your customers when they need you most.



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