Our Sales Charter Explained

You’ve done your research. You’re already 60-70% of the way towards making your decision.

Now you’re looking for one-to-one guidance from someone who can help you to make sense of the information you’ve gathered and potentially solve the challenge you’re currently facing.

How does this inform the way we handle our conversations?

The answer lies in our sales charter, a refreshing manifesto that outlines the rules we observe and the approach we take to help you get what you really need from the sales process.

1. We commit to being transparent throughout the conversation

As much as it’s our job to service our prospects, we’re also a sales function accountable for bringing in delivery-ready clients who can support our business growth. Our sales conversations are designed to broker this but also to acknowledge it, so we're all on the same page.

2. We commit to staying open-minded to how we can help you

Many of the people who come to us don’t know what they need and they’re looking to us as experts to help them. We respect that they don’t want to be sold to; they’re just trying to find the right solution to their problem.

By focusing our sales conversations around addressing your challenges, we’re able to deliver the best service to you and to our business by making sure that we’re genuinely able to deliver on the goals, the results and the promises made along the way.

3. We commit to ‘helping you to buy’, not ‘hoping to sell’

It’s not in our interest to sell to people we can’t help or push people into decisions they aren’t comfortable with. We deliver great results for lots of very different types of companies, and we also know that sometimes we aren’t a great fit.

If we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll go all in to help you hit your goals. And if we aren’t a good fit, it’s better for both of us to work this out early on and save everyone valuable time. In the interest of helping you as much as possible, we’ll still point you in the right direction.

"We look for partners rather than just 'clients' and we don't commit to a retainer with anyone unless we believe we'll have a positive impact on their bottom line. For this reason, it's really important for both sides to understand each other before we start working together." Eric Murphy, co-founder and head of revenue at BabelQuest

It sounds simple, but by committing to be transparent, open-minded, and buyer-focused, we make sure that every conversation we have is helpful, from both your perspective and ours.

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