Your company blog needs to generate results. Here are some easy ways to develop a blog subscription strategy to grow your blog and reach more of your audience.

Hearing that blogging is good for business is old news. We all know this to be true, but not everyone can see the impact their blogging is having. What could you be doing differently to prove the real value your articles are delivering?

A major breakdown could be lack of subscription strategy, which is frequently overlooked.

You might have good-quality posts and an effective content strategy but your blog just isn't getting many views. To begin with, relying on organic traffic isn't enough. You need to traction and that means getting eyes on your content.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can fix this:

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Looking for the subscribe button...

The subscribe button is crucial in building out your subscriber list. Readers click 'Subscribe' after reading a particularly good post because they want to know about any other similar content.

Think about this for a minute. They are choosing to become part of your mailing list because they're interested in your content. And if they're interested in your content, this could lead to trust and an interest in your services/products later on.

Is the subscribe button easy to find? If not then you could be losing potential sales prospects.

BabelQuest Blogging Strategy

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We recommend placing a subscribe button at the bottom of every blog or on the side bar, making it easy for readers to join. It’s also a good idea to have one on your homepage, offering your site visitors a way to stay connected with your business without pressure to purchase anything.

Make the value of becoming a subscriber clear

The value of being a subscriber has to be clear, otherwise there is no incentive for readers to sign up. Tell them what they can expect to see from blog and how often they will get emailed.

You can even segment your mailing list and only send blog posts on certain topics to selected segments, keeping your content tailored and relevant to your audience.

Offer your readers social proof that your content is great

Social proof can show how many times your blog posts have been read, shared or liked by others online. It can increase the credibility of your posts as the more people have read, shared or liked the post, the more likely you are to think it is worth your time to do the same.

You could even create a social proof of how many subscribers you have or how many have joined this month so far, to motivate others to join your blog mailing list.

"Using social proof for your blog is like reading an Amazon review before buying something. Others have bought an item and liked it, which encourages you to do the same. The same principle applies to blogging."

Time to get strategising

A blogging subscription strategy is key to growing your blog and reaching more of your audience. It’s the start of the funnel, turning those strangers into visitors into leads.

Without a strategy, increasing your subscribers will be based on luck more than anything else. Let your blog become a vital business asset by developing your blog subscription strategy.

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