If you’re thinking about working with us to achieve your business goals, read on to discover what the first 30 days of our new partnerships typically look like.

Here's the thing: predictable, repeatable business growth — the kind you really need to scale in a safe and dependable way — takes time.

As such, we typically work with our clients on an annual retainer basis to drive their long-term inbound success. This level of partnership requires commitment and it’s important for both of us that any expectations you have about how we proceed and how we work together are clear and well-founded from the get-go.

We're frequently asked what you can expect from the first 30 days of our new partnership. To help, we’ve created this article outlining everything you need to know:

Your core workshopsbabelquest strategy month

We kick off every new partnership with a series of three workshops — a Positioning and
Messaging workshop, a Buyer Persona workshop, and a Content workshop —  aimed at better understanding who you are, who your buyers are, and how we can best reach them.

WHO: Each workshop will start with an introduction to the delivery team here at BabelQuest and the key stakeholders on your side. Ideally, other key roles in your sales, marketing, and customer service departments will also be in attendance.

HOW LONG: It’s preferable to run these workshops together in one session lasting a day. If you’d prefer to spread them out, you can typically expect each session to last half a day.

WHERE: Depending on what suits you best, we can hold them at our offices, at yours, or at another venue of your choice.

Value Proposition workshop

In our experience, many companies think their customers value them for one reason, when in fact they're more valued for something else. This workshop addresses this disconnect by focusing on your company’s
value proposition, its positioning, and its messaging.

  • What do you stand for, and how do you want to be represented?

  • Which are the core markets you serve?

  • What are your challenges?

DELIVERABLE: As a result of this session, we’ll create a Messaging Framework that we can all work from to produce consistent, on-brand sales and marketing collateral that speaks to your customers and your value.

Buyer Persona workshop

Equally important as identifying who you are is who you’re targeting. Sitting down together, we’ll identify who these people are. Then we’ll deep-dive into one or two of these, ensuring we uncover detailed findings such as the following:

  • What are their roles?

  • What are their aspirations and what drives them to succeed?

  • What are their challenges at different stages of the buyer’s journey?

DELIVERABLE: The goal of this activity is the creation of one or two fully-fledged buyer personas, which we’ll document after the session and deliver back to you for sign off.

Content workshop

Newly equipped with a clear understanding of your positioning, we can begin to see how this resonates with your target buyers, revealing the gap your content strategy needs to fill.

  • What are the biggest current industry themes?

  • Are your customers frequently asking you certain questions?

  • What is your target buyer’s story and how can you best tell it?

DELIVERABLE: Succeeding in content means a coordinated, company-wide content strategy that bridges your value with what your buyers really care about. The notes we make during this workshop will be used to inform your 12-month inbound strategy and 90-day plan (see below).

12-month inbound strategy

The next step is to conduct an inbound strategy workshop. This workshop is designed to dig into the types of activity that need to be completed to meet your goals and who needs to work on those activities. For example, who is responsible for your social media activity? Who is handing over leads to sales, and who is accountable for lead nurturing?

WHO: Typically, this meeting will involve individuals from our senior team (head of marketing, inbound strategist) and yours (CEO, head of sales, head of marketing, head of services).

HOW LONG: This will typically last half a day.

WHERE: Again, this can take place at our offices, at yours, or at another location more convenient for your attendees.

DELIVERABLE: Based on these findings, we’ll create and deliver your 12-month inbound strategy: a detailed, 30-page document outlining the best strategy to achieve your goals and drive business growth.

Planning the first 90-days of activity

With your annual inbound strategy signed off and activity agreed, we then create your 90-day activity plan. This includes a draft content calendar, a list of the activity that must be completed between us, relevant deadlines, and the following:

Defining your SMART goals. We aid you in reverse engineering your SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) so you can track your progress over the course of the quarter.

Creating your Campaign Centre. All our activity will be detailed in a Campaign Centre. This is a Google Sheet that acts as a central hub for your information, providing a clear, easy-to-follow list of tasks and deliverables for both of us to track and update.

Defining your KPIs. After creating the Campaign Centre, we will use the information to help you choose the right KPIs in relation to your SMART goals and 90-day activity plan.

Setting up your HubSpot and the onboarding process

A core aspect of our partnership will be your use of the HubSpot application. As one of the top 1% of
HubSpot Partner agencies globally, you can depend on us to build your new HubSpot presence, migrate your data and contacts from your existing platform, and integrate it with any third-party tools you intend to continue using.

For new portal configurations, project management software will be set-up for you and a kick-off survey will be circulated to all your key stakeholders to get different perspectives. This information will be made into a BabelQuest onboarding questionnaire, which will be sent to you to complete as a team.

For configuration of existing HubSpot portals, a full portal audit will be conducted and a review of all Getting Started project stages will be assessed. As a final action, reporting requirements and dashboards will then be created.

Got a question? Get in touch

In our experience, the secret to any successful partnership is communication. This is baked into who we are as a company, from our internal values around transparency and openness to our core aim of helping our clients to generate predictable, repeatable revenue growth by having more meaningful conversations with their customers.

So if you've got a question, please ask us — we're here to help.

To find out more, drop us an email or pop us a call (01235 313555) and hop over to our offices in Oxfordshire (address) to say hello.

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