Leads that close. As three words go, they're small, and on their own they don't carry much weight, but put them together and you have several things.

You have a business goal, a measurement of success, a bridge along which you can align your inbound marketing strategy, even a conversation starter. You have a means to describe the reason you get up every morning and do what you do, day after day.

So how do you generate them?

Earlier this month we released the ebook version of what is essentially BabelQuest's Bible, revealing the approach we take to generating leads that close for our clients.

And yesterday, I came home to the first proof copy of the hardback version sitting on my doorstep:

Download your free ebook version of How To Generate Leads That Close here.

Three small words to transform your sales and marketing

We help businesses like yours to better understand their marketing and sales activity in order to generate more leads that close. Sometimes that involves creating free resources to educate the directors and marketing heads among you with a willingness to learn and a genuine passion to grow your business.

This is one of those free resources. In fact, it's a compilation of several intended to guide you step-by-step along the process of generating leads that close. Dive in.

Video transcript

Tom: So yesterday turned out to be a pretty big day.

Got home from work to find a signed copy of The Storytelling Edge from Shane Snow and Joe Lazauskas on my doorstep. So cheers for that, Joe.

My tutor turned in the final round of edits for my thesis draft, so after four-and-a-half years of studying, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

And the third and final trailer for Jurassic World launched yesterday. Still loving that Mosasaur, bring on June 7th!

Now Joe's wasn't the only book to land on my doorstep yesterday. You can imagine my excitement when I got home, tore through the cardboard packaging, and found this sleek cover staring back at me.

If we had a pound for every time a prospect told us they wanted to generate more leads we'd be filming this from the Caribbean. Instead we ask them, 'why not leads that close?'

So, over the past few months we've been pulling our collective knowledge, our stories and our skills and we've used that to create this book.

This is currently the only proof copy, but you can download the free ebook version at the link at the end of this video. We'd love to know your thoughts, and if you have any questions, just get in touch. Thank you—bye!

Generate leads that close

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Sales Enablement

How to Generate Leads That Close

Learn how to generate better quality leads which turn into revenue.

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How to Sell More and Grow Better

Learn how to implement an inbound approach to sales, and get tips on aligning sales, marketing and service.

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Ready to end your struggle for ROI from your marketing

It’s time to generate leads that will close


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