Hi! My name’s Laura and I’m excited to join BabelQuest as an operations manager.

I’ve worked in a management role for the last few years for a medium-sized international development consultancy. I was seeking a small company that is flexible, creative, innovative, puts its employees first, and breathes its values, a company that would allow me to show my skills and which valued my experience. BabelQuest caught my eye!

What’s the role?Meet the Team: Laura Shelton

My role is brand new to the company, reflecting BabelQuest’s continued growth. (Don't just take my word for it — read more about our merger with Toast Inbound and the recent appointment of Meraki HR MD Emma Browning to our board of directors.)

As an operations manager, I’ll have the opportunity to work with everyone across the business to embed resource management, review, support, and manage processes, manage projects, and much more.

What am I looking forward to?

I’m excited to learn all about BabelQuest, especially the team, our clients, and HubSpot. It’s a new industry for me so there’s going to be a lot to learn. Once I’ve completed some initial research, I’m looking forward to being able to get stuck into my role and really make an impact.

Outside of work, I like...

I enjoy exercising (especially weight lifting), socialising, and I’m currently renovating a house so I must like DIY! 

We're hiring! If anything Laura has chatted about here strikes a chord, we'd love to hear from you. Check out our careers page and see if any of our vacancies catch your eye.

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