BabelQuest Opens Up the UK Market for Complex CRM Implementations

Up until now, businesses with complex CRM requirements had to make a choice: power or usability?

All that has changed with the release of HubSpot's Enterprise packages and the award of one of the first Advanced Implementation Certifications (AIC) in the UK to Oxfordshire-based HubSpot Solutions Partner BabelQuest.

What's unique about HubSpot for Enterprise?

With the launch of the new Enterprise packages, the decision between power and usability becomes obsolete. HubSpot Enterprise enables companies with complex challenges, from multiple divisions, marketing teams, brands and languages to sophisticated data requirements. For these companies, the unprecedented combination of advanced capabilities and ease of use makes HubSpot Enterprise a very attractive option.

All this will be a great relief to those companies previously reliant on expensive software intended for bigger firms, or those about to chain themselves to a custom CRM (with extensive development time).

Another problem solved: the new advanced certification for HubSpot solutions partners

Finding the right solutions partner used to be another big headache. Without evidence, it was hard to gauge a partner agency’s level of experience with advanced HubSpot implementations. That makes the launch of HubSpot's AIC another game-changer — an extra mark of trust for its recipients.

AIC Badge

BabelQuest is one of the first HubSpot Solutions Partners in the UK to be awarded the new certification. An Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner (and the top 0.3% of HubSpot Solutions Partners worldwide), we can already demonstrate the successful management of multiple complex integrations, working with enterprise clients such as CEG, Tech Data and Globeducate.

“AIC isn’t just a new badge: this is recognition of our long-standing capabilities in advanced HubSpot implementations for complex clients,” says Eric Murphy, BabelQuest's Head of Revenue.

Teaming up to answer complex needs: a client's story

BabelQuest client Globeducate is a great example of how advanced implementation can help a complex business. The organisation runs +50  international schools and online programmes, with 25,000 students in ten countries. Its many stakeholders include numerous marketing, sales, IT, and operations teams.

Globeducate wanted to consolidate all contact data and promote a standardised process for its admissions staff. It also needed to 'partition' sensitive student data so that teams only had visibility over their own data without hindering management’s ability to report more broadly across all entities. We helped them to achieve all of these things on one global HubSpot platform.

Liza Humphrey, Globeducate Global Director of Admissions & Marketing, says the project "will transform the productivity and performance of admissions. [BabelQuest's] insight and expertise in this platform are invaluable for ensuring we get it right”.

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