No Buttheads, and 7 Other Things I Love About Working at BabelQuest

BabelQuest goes above and beyond to look after its team. I won’t cover every perk and benefit but you can discover my favourite things about working at BabelQuest. The other day, someone asked me if I liked working at BabelQuest. I said that yes, I do like working here. Why, they asked? I said “because there are no buttheads”. 

I won’t belabour this point because what you and I consider a butthead might be very different, and I couldn’t find much data to back up how rare it is to work at a company bereft of buttheads.

Statistically and subjectively, I might be on my own here, but I can confidently say that I get on with all my colleagues, that they constantly amaze me with the things they do for our clients, that we learn from each other every day. All in all, I think that’s a special thing.

Buttheads aside (I’m having nightmares wondering what this copy is going to do for our SEO — Tom), there are several other things I love about working at BabelQuest. Read on to find out what they are and if they strike a chord with you, too. 


In case we haven’t met…

…I’m Hannah and I work at BabelQuest as a HubSpot platform consultant on the Expert Practices team. I’ve spent the past four years implementing HubSpot’s CRM in businesses across various industries to align different teams and enable my clients to get the most out of the platform. If you’re interested, you can read more about my exploits here.


7 things I love about working at BabelQuest


1. I like the flexibility with the working hours

As a mum, flexible working hours are so important to me. They allow me to be present in all areas of my life, for example the daily school drop off and pick up. By letting me work the hours that best suit me, BabelQuest makes my life easier (and lessens my working mum guilt!).


2. I love working from home

I am so done with commuting and BabelQuest’s remote working policy couldn’t agree more with me. Some of my colleagues love being in the office, and that’s great for them. For me, zero travel time to and from the office allows me to fit so much more into my days. Now, I can’t imagine not being able to walk the dog on my lunch break. And, I still get to meet up with my colleagues IRL once every few months, whether for a social trip or some time in the office!


3. Being given the equipment I need to do my job

You’d be surprised how much of a battle it’s been in previous jobs/roles to get what I’d consider the essential equipment needed to do my job well. Whether it’s needing headphones, an office chair, or a new Mac, BabelQuest has always got my back — along with an allowance that supports any additional things I need on the job.


4. Slack that allows remote working to feel less remote

I’m going to say it: remote working can be isolating and lonely at times.

Which is why I feel so grateful to work in a company that goes above and beyond to create a sense of togetherness in the team.

Wherever we’re based individually, we all use Slack to keep in touch throughout the day. There are designated channels for client chat, as well as private channels for when I just need a natter with someone or to ask a quick question. I’m including Slack in my list here because it makes my life so much easier every day and I really appreciate having it.


5. Time and money invested in employee personal development

On the subject of companies going above and beyond to create a sense of togetherness, only last week, our managing director, Becky Murphy, flew us all out to Dublin

Spending time together to really get to know my colleagues, the HubSpot team, and the vision for the future helps us get better aligned and allows us to provide a truly elite service to our customers, but it also does wonders for our personal development.

On the trip, we visited HubSpot's EMEA HQ, DubSpot, and learned lots of valuable things across a series of two-day workshops and events. 

Even when we’re not hopping over to Ireland, personal development plays a big part in our BabelQuest lives. We all have personalised progression plans mapped to our skills and interests, as well as half a day every week to dedicate to learning and development.  

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6. Being listened to, respected, and supported through good and bad days

This shouldn't be overrated. Never feeling nervous to ask for help or inform someone that you think you've made a mistake is huge. I log into work every morning knowing the whole team has my back, and I hope they know I have theirs, too. 


7. Getting to work with a team of people whose creative energy and passion for the business is contagious

There’s no better feeling than being part of a team who inspires you every day. Whether it’s a friendly smile on the morning Zoom call, an excited buzz around a new strategy plan, or that new HubSpot product drop that Gem can’t stop talking about (from her maternity leave!), even a grey day seems brighter with the team behind you.

And not a butthead in sight.

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