Struggling to deliver articles on time? Is your content actually attracting or engaging the traffic you need it to? And why isn’t it helping sales to close?

Your content marketing strategy represents a phenomenal opportunity for you to attract new traffic, engage your prospects, close new business, and build meaningful relationships with your customers. But there’s a lot that can go wrong between your strategy and demonstrable ROMI. Content’s hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it well.

Here are five of the most common content challenges and how to fix them.


5 Quick Fixes for Broken Content

5 quick fixes for broken content that’s not working

1. Your content’s taking too long to produce

Content can be expensive to produce at the best of times. If it’s costing you too much or continually coming in late for deadlines, consider reducing the amount your teams are setting out to produce and asking them to concentrate instead on delivering fewer, higher quality articles that you can better manage from start to publication.

Video marketing can also be much faster and more cost-effective to produce than written assets. Consider increasing the ratio of video to written content to speed up the content production process.

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2. Your content isn’t attracting new traffic to your website

There are dozens of reasons why content underwhelms in the SERPs and doesn’t attract the traffic you were expecting. As a rapid-fire solution:

  • Are you targeting a primary keyword with each page?
  • Is that keyword too competitive?
  • Is the page optimised for that keyword? (Page title, H1 tag, subheadings, body copy, alt image tags, semantic keywords?)
  • Do you have a strong network of internal links across your content?
  • Have you created and implemented topic clusters for your content?

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3. Visitors aren’t engaging with or converting on your content

No one is going to convert on your content without good reason. They need to see value in your content offers, and you need clear, compelling conversion points in the first place.

Kill your content downloads to boost conversions by offering fewer, more relevant offers that engage your target buyers, and conduct A/B tests to find out whether certain wording or formatting impacts conversion rates. 

4. Your content isn’t helping sales to nurture or close new customers

The rivalry between sales and marketing is often the biggest obstacle standing between sales’ uptake of your content marketing.

Spend some time speaking to sales to explore your prospects’ common challenges and goals. What conversations are they having over and over again? This will leave you better equipped to produce content that’s valuable to both your target buyers and sales.

5. Your content isn’t helping you to retain your customers

The same content that answers your prospects’ questions can also be used to nurture and build stronger relationships with your existing customers, representing a real opportunity to upsell additional services or promote new ones.

Make sure you’re identifying the content that addresses these topics and serving them to your customers in an appropriate way. Workflow automation is an effective way to do this quickly and at scale. So are your monthly customer newsletters.

We hope these quick fixes help you to patch the gaps in your content marketing strategy and create a smoother, more effective content strategy that drives your business forward.

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