Learning to ride a bike is easier and safer if you've got help. An inbound marketing agency provides you with the same kind of support.

You're excited, but you've also identified a skills or resources gap between your company's capabilities and the requirements for an inbound marketing strategy that performs. This is where agency help comes in.

An inbound marketing agency acts like your stabilisers, keeping you aloft while you learn your way around the gears (never mind the road ahead).

Typically, an agency will start by getting to know you and your business. This usually involves lots of questions to ask before hiring an agency that can be used to build up a picture of your business, your customers, and the space in which you operate.

They will then use these insights to create an inbound marketing strategy and plan that fits your business, and help you get it moving. (The gentle but firm 'push' you remember when learning to ride a bike...)

What is an Inbound Marketing Agency (and Why Should You Use One)?

What is an inbound marketing agency? The benefits

This usually involves filling the gaps between your sales, marketing and customer service processes, making adjustments to your content and the content creation process, and getting clarity over the full spectrum of customer data, from first click to repeat buyer.

Depending on your goals and the inbound marketing strategy involved, a partner agency should also be optimising your SEO, your website, email, blog, landing pages, effective content strategy, social media and anything else that has a role to play in turning strangers into happy customers. You might ask them to replace the whole lot, or just improve what you have already.

However, the real value an agency should bring is building a process into your business that attracts, engages, and delights your customers consistently, a process that is measurable and constantly reviewed and iterated for constant improvement.

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Your agency should provide value from the first conversation

The value should start long before you become a customer. From the agency's marketing material you first engage with to the early discover conversations with Eric or one of our inbound marketing strategists, you should receive immediate value in the form of time spent exploring your needs and challenges. We will then dive deeper into your goals and work out how inbound can support and help you to achieve them.

Here are four ways in which our inbound marketing agency can help businesses.

Four benefits of partnering with BabelQuest

1. We’ll help you create SMART goals.This will help you to prioritise your short-term and long-term goals and will form the basis of your inbound sales and marketing strategy.

2. We’ll establish what marketing activities are most important for you to reach your goals. It all starts with defining who your target customers are. (Learn how to create customer personas.) We'll then research where they interact with you and how they behave online, where they consume content, and what their challenges and goals are. Once we define this, we can align this with your goals and build out a strategy that includes a wide-range of marketing tactics, tools, and processes.

3. We'll help you to implement your inbound strategy. The level of support you choose to receive from BabelQuest is entirely dependent on your available time, internal resources, and how quickly you want to see results. We have a team of inbound marketing consultants, specialists in design and content marketing strategy, and other experts ready to help. Our proven methodology covers:

  • Listening: Finding out where your customer goes for their information, their challenges, pain points and their personal and business goals. This enables you to tailor your communications effectively to them.

  • Attracting: Using the insight we have from listening to your customers we can create informative, educational, valuable and relevant blogs, ebooks, infographics and videos that help to solve their problem, whilst leading them through the buying process.

  • Engaging: Once you have traffic, you want to open up a dialogue by promoting your inbound content and growing your social media engagement.

  • Closing: By using landing pages, call-to-actions and forms to capture prospect details we can nurture them with email automated workflows and lead nurturing, which ultimately provides you with sales-ready leads.

4. We'll work with you to understand and interpret the metrics and ROI of your inbound activity. Inbound enables you to tie everything back to metrics across sales and marketing, giving visibility over what area matters to you and your business, such as what activity makes the most revenue. Don't wait until later to make use of your data. It's key to iterating and testing as an ongoing activity to ensure you are achieving the best possible results from your inbound activities.

Aligning your sales and marketing strategies around these steps brings accountability to your marketing process. Put simply, we want to drive your business growth by helping you to implement inbound across sales, marketing and services and drive revenue in a sustainable, predictable, and repeatable way.

Not quite sure if you need agency support or want to try inbound yourself first? No problem — download our free guide to laying the foundations for your new inbound strategy by clicking the image below.

How to set up your inbound marketing strategy

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