5 Ways HubSpot's New AI Tools Can Help You (And Where They Can’t)

As marketers, salespeople, and customer service professionals, our lives are abundant with activities both creative and repetitive. The development of AI (artificial intelligence) technology has the potential to enhance how we work - tools that can strengthen our creativity and automate repetitive activities.

HubSpot’s two new AI-powered tools – content assistant and ChatSpot – are revolutionising the way in which we conduct business, enabling us to save time, boost productivity, and harness deeper connections with our audiences.

Get to know these two new AI advancements that are making waves in business.


HubSpot’s two new AI-powered tools

Powered by industry-leading AI systems from OpenAI, content assistant and ChatSpot are two digital marketing tools that have the potential to truly add value to your business activities.


1. Content assistant

We all know that content is king. It’s the key to driving visitors to your website and, hopefully, turning them into leads and enhancing revenue. However, creating valuable content that engages readers and converts takes time and resources. HubSpot’s AI-powered content assistant benefits both the ideation and execution of your content, whether it’s articles, landing pages, emails, and more. This tool sits within your HubSpot platform, and you’ll know if it is available to use on a particular page if you type in a ‘/’ and see the following appear:

Content assistant


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2. ChatSpot

This is HubSpot’s innovative CRM tool. ChatSpot connects to HubSpot, enabling users to use chat-based commands to accomplish CRM tasks in a way that streamlines your activities and resonates with your audience. 

From drafting a follow-up email, prospecting, and organising lead management, to reporting, forecasting, and providing quick status updates on your data, ChatSpot has you covered. 

ChatSpot lives outside the HubSpot platform - you can sign up here.

Let’s delve into some of the key things that these new tools can do for you.


5 things HubSpot's AI tools can do to help you


1. Generate content

Say goodbye to writer’s block. HubSpot’s content assistant amplifies your content creation process. Still in beta form, you can input details into content assistant to tailor your copy. For example, you can select whether you would like help writing an article, creating an outline for your piece of content, composing ideas, generating paragraphs, and writing emails, by typing out a question such as ‘give me ideas for titles on inbound marketing’. 

In this example, content assistant will then provide you with a list of titles, from which you can choose a title provided, edit one of the titles suggested, or simply use the suggestions as inspiration to form your own title.

This intelligent tool equips you with a starting point from which you can create effective content that connects with your audience.

Where it can’t help: If you’re looking for something to replace the need for a great copywriter, content assistant isn’t it. It can’t come up with a forward-looking content strategy – and whilst this tool is great at generating ideas, it doesn’t know your business inside-out, so you’ll always need to thoroughly review the copy to make sure it aligns with the story you’re trying to tell.

Download the ebook: The Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy and Implementation


2. Build your reports

No matter which department you work in, reporting is necessary for continued business visibility and benchmarking. ChatSpot can create custom marketing, sales, or customer service-related reports. This includes summarising top-level reports and providing you with the right data, right at your fingertips.


Gone are the days when you had to scramble to find the right report for the right client, a summary of your website visitors, or your monthly revenue. You can simply ask ChatSpot, for example: 

  • How many contacts do we have in each industry?
  • Show me a summary of our monthly website visitors
  • Show me our CTA performance metrics for Q2 

Where it can’t help: Of course, ChatSpot can only work optimally and generate your reports if your data is up to scratch. It might also struggle to create particularly complex reports, or those that use data from custom objects.

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3. Assist with your admin 

Admin is one of those tasks we all experience. It’s necessary, but sometimes it can be monotonous. Who wouldn’t say no to a helping hand with your admin tasks? ChatSpot provides a natural language chat-based user experience that helps you with all manner of tasks within your CRM:

  • Adding contacts – lead management
  • Filling out properties
  • Creating notes
  • Creating tasks
  • Drafting follow-up emails
  • Providing status updates 

And more.

This has the power of changing the way we work – assisting with administrative tasks gives you more freedom to carry out more complex tasks, while not falling short when it comes to maintaining relationships, keeping on top of your activities, and providing personalised, creative communication.

Where it can’t help: Actually, this is probably one of the most useful features for most people to date. There aren’t many admin tasks it can’t help with!

Download your free copy of The HubSpot Administrator’s Handbook here.


4. Help you with research 

For many of us, Google is a highly reliable one-stop-shop when conducting research. However, ChatSpot directly provides you with your specific information, so users can quickly and easily access answers to sales research questions, such as 'what industry is X company in?' straight away, streamlining your sales exploration and activities.

ChatSpot provides answers to sales research including information about:

  • Fielding questions about contacts that are located in specific markets
  • Organisations that are a specific size
  • Businesses in certain industries

This feature saves you time and energy by eliminating the need to trawl through infinite results on SERPS (search engine results pages).

Where it can’t help: If you’re hoping to use ChatSpot to answer questions like ‘how many people work at ‘x’ company?’ or ‘who is the CMO at ‘x’ company?’, it’s unlikely it’ll be able to give you an answer. This will likely be for one of two reasons; either what you’re looking for isn’t readily available on a website that can be accessed by ChatSpot, or you’re trying to get ChatSpot to search ‘live’. For example, it wouldn’t be able to tell you who the CMO is at a certain company at this very point in time, because what it has ‘learnt’ about the company previously may already be out of date.

HubSpot Health Check checklist: this free guide includes a 45-point checklist to create a plan to take back control of your HubSpot portal. 


5. Help you with prospecting 

Finding and reaching out to the right prospects can be an arduous task. Both of HubSpot’s AI tools come into play here. With ChatSpot, you can garner relevant data on specific companies using instructions such as ‘find SaaS companies in the UK with over 300 employees’. Chatbot will then list companies that fit your criteria and you can add them to HubSpot. 

In addition to creating your prospecting list, ChatSpot will provide you with status updates for any prospects that haven’t received your sales sequence, for example. Once you have your list, content assistant can help you to draft dynamic prospecting emails, personalised to the contact, that support your strategy and accelerate interest in your company.

Where it can’t help: As said in point four, ChatSpot won’t usually be able to tell you who is in a specific position in a business that you want to target. It also won’t provide you with contact details.

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Who can access HubSpot’s AI tools?

Everyone with HubSpot can access these two new AI-powered tools. As content assistant is still in private beta mode, and ChatSpot is in public alpha, HubSpot users can join a waitlist to get early access. Once they’re in general release, content assistant and ChatSpot will be free to HubSpot users, with additional features included in premium HubSpot plans.

Now’s the time to try them out for yourself. Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, or customer service professional, working in a small business or an enterprise, you can leverage HubSpot’s AI tools to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and generate high-quality communications that help your business to grow. 

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