The Sales Video Bootcamp is perfect for sales teams who need to:

  • Ramp up sales activity to hit quarter-end targets
  • Spend less time out on the road and want to adopt a 'face-to-face' remotely approach
  • Drive sales activity around a particular campaign, like an event or new product
  • Re-engage with contacts who have shown interest in the past
  • Create a repeatable campaign-based sales process

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See how it worked for IT infrastructure provider LAN3

The two biggest things for me both kicked in at the end of week 2 of the campaign. First, the Task Queue function was like putting me on steroids - it was so much easier to smash the activity targets. Second, when you speak to someone for the first time after they’ve watched your video, they act like they already know you. That’s a total game-changer.


Scott Daly

Business Development Manager, LAN3